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Untamed Fragility

Untamed Fragility
© Tammy Talluto 2014

A fragile heart and fragile mind,
leaves those unwanted far behind.

A purpose served from one who cared,
is nothing more than truth that’s shared.

Fragments of what was,
cuts deep in the soul,
falling quickly in to an endless black hole.

Silenced by the waves of time,
and called upon on your own dime.

Encompassed by the greedy forces,
faces of strangers…

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Soured Intentions

Soured Intentions
© Tammy Talluto 2014

Seconds, minutes, hours, days,
no sense in watching the time.
Common sense is taking over,
as the stagnancy stays.

Years have passed, like a gust of wind does through one’s thinning hair.
Words are just words. Aren’t they?
Stop the suspense if you don’t care.

The ache in my heart has settled down now, I sadly yet firmly state.
Numbness has graciously taken…

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© Tammy Talluto 2014

Every day she fell silently apart.
Little by little they dulled her loving, vibrant heart.

Her soul was open freely.
Not so much anymore.
Locks and bolts shield what was once open before.

They raised her hopes way up high, just to watch them fall.
She would rather walk,
than for them to see her crawl.

Ambiguous messages taken and held.
Once again she waits. Once…

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Hey Alice
© Tammy Talluto 2014

*Image by
Kim Zier Photography

Hey Alice where are your words?
Do they come from the inside?
Are they shouted out loud?

Chasing rabbits isn’t fun when you’re smaller than they.
Still, you don’t have very much to say.

You want to grow up and eat your magic mushrooms?
How many holes will you fall down until you find the right room?

Inhale Alice, so that you can be…

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Bittersweet Bicycle Ride
© Tammy Talluto 2014

Woke up sobbing from a dream again.
Rode my bike to see them.
My hair and the trees blew from the torrent wind.
Grandpa sat on the back porch on his school house chair.
I could see him smiling as I approached.
Was feeling beckoned.

Saw grandpa’s car parked in the familiar lot.
Lookin well kept as always.
He had pride in his car, as he didn’t have much…

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Likeness of Far Away Darkness
© Tammy Talluto 2014

“I saw you, you walked with me once upon a dream”
Once upon a dream?
The visions are surreal.
Or so it seems.

Where do we go when darkness falls upon us?
It must be the memory.
Maybe we go where there is truthfulness and trust.

The hands we hold are warm and caring.
Significant signs and symbols surround us.
We want to stay, although overbearing.

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© Tammy Talluto 2014

*Photo and Title By Kim Zier Photography*

Swept away like the seeds from another.
Crouching and waiting as the dark ones still hover.

In a maze of sorts without recognition.
No wits about her in this
minuscule position.

Fly away darkness, it’s the waiting game that thrills you.
Bizarre husks reaching above her, envelopes her being.
Pretty much an embellishment around…

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Originally posted on A Cherokee’s Words:

A Jarred Core

Last one up,
The countdown begins
Say your prayers,
None without sin.

Ambiguous thoughts pass right through.
What is the purpose?
Stepping in right on cue.

Far away destinations influence the mirror.
Nothing ingested.
Nothing superior.

Fabricated stories fill up a mind.
Some are impulsive.
Some are refined.

State of absurdity enters…

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